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A family owned & operated flower farm in Noojee, Victoria

The farm boasts seasonal fresh flowers that are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides, a rarity seen in flower farms nowadays. 

On the 160 acres of farmland you will see a wide variety of beautiful flowers from big bold Waratahs, stunning dahlias and soft blushing bride to a large range of annual blooms.


Each season presents a different range of flowers, the team work tirelessly to ensure they offer new and high quality flowers year round, with frequent testing in place to further extend and add to their range. To ensure variety and year round supply they also source flowers from other local specialist suppliers 

Turning a vision into a reality

Flower farming is in the Gillespie DNA. Both Heather and Norm grew up on flower farms and Heather is a 4th generation flower farmer so it is safe to say that flowers play a significant role in their lives.

In 2014 the family  took the opportunity of turning a long held vision into reality by starting their own flower business. It began by planting 400 Waratahs and a range of other shrubs - including Lecodendrons, Leucospermums and a few blushing bride on the 160 acre farm.  Whilst waiting for the shrubs and blooms to establish they planted an experimental patch of annuals and began selling them at the local markets.

Realising the demand for quality, locally grown flowers the Gillespies began extending their range - now growing over 5,000 flowering shrubs with plans for even more in the near future and an ever increasing range of annuals, bulbs and approximately 80 different varieties of Dahlias. 

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